Frequently Asked Questions About Handwriting Analysis
Q1     What exactly is graphology or handwriting analysis?
Q2     What can and can´t handwriting reveal?
Q3     How is handwriting analysis used?
Q4     I know nothing about graphology. Please suggest me a course.
Q5     How much time does it take to be a Certified Handwriting Analyst?

Q1 What exactly is graphology or handwriting analysis?

Graphology or handwriting analysis is the science of determining character from handwriting. Whether you are filling out an application, writing a grocery list, or signing a check, keep this in mind:

Your handwriting bears the unique imprint of your personality, with all its strengths and weaknesses for all the world to see. It is as if in an unconscious way, you are giving the world a window to your deepest self.

Q2 What can and can´t handwriting reveal?

A well-trained handwriting analyst uses handwriting to paint an accurate picture of the core personality of the writer -- the way the writer organizes his life and time, his ego development, social skills, thinking style, fears and defenses, etc. Handwriting does not conclusively reveal the writer's chronological age, gender, or writing hand. And, while there may be some cultural characteristics, it does not reveal the writer's race or religion. This makes it among the most non-discriminatory of any personality assessment method. One last final word on what handwriting cannot do: It reveals a great deal about the writer´s past, but cannot predict the future.

Q3 How is handwriting analysis used?

Pre-employment screening and profiling is probably the most widely used application for handwriting analysis. The handwriting professional prepares a report to help the employer or human resources manager to determine whether an applicant is a good match for a particular job and the working environment. Many employers request integrity screening in an attempt to avoid hiring employees with bad attitudes or who may be violent or in other ways a security risk. Handwriting analysis is also used for self-understanding, to discover where blocks to success may lie. Other applications are vocational counseling, compatibility guidance, and general counseling. Attorneys use handwriting experts to help with jury selection, as well as other types of handwriting examination. Law enforcement personnel and private investigators use graphology to work with witnesses, victims, and suspects. Educators use it to to better help their students.

Q4 I know nothing about graphology. Please suggest me a course.

The Beginners Diploma Course gives students the opportunity to get familiar with the exciting subject of handwriting analysis. If at this time you don't want to get enrolled in a full-fledged study course yet are fascinated by the subject of handwriting analysis, this is without a doubt the best course for you. Click here

Q5 How much time does it take to be a Certified Handwriting Analyst?

Beware of those who promise to make you an "instant handwriting expert." They might also be offering snake oil. Like other skilled professions, becoming a handwriting professional takes a considerable investment of time, effort, and money. If you are serious about wanting to understand human behavior and learning how to help people through handwriting analysis and personality modification, it's not going to happen overnight. No doubt, you could learn a few parlour tricks to amuse and amaze your friends, and if that's all you're interested in, maybe the snake oil salesman will satisfy you. Otherwise, be prepared to spend at least one year.